CEO Ing. Franz Matauschek

"Business is business" and "Private is private" is probably one of the most widely used corporate credos. Alutechnik Matauschek has a lot of different things, including:

Not least due to the influence of the managing director, Ing. Franz Matauschek, a family and mutual culture characterized by mutual esteem has established itself at the traditional Kapfenberg company.

Franz Matauschek continues the company in the spirit of the founding fathers. Despite or because of the family atmosphere and the very flat hierarchies, the daily work of the company is outstanding and the managing director is rightly proud of that.

The "lead wolf" of the company, which has more than 70 employees, has already gone through many enriching stages in his life. [Nbsp] "He is a person who often looks beyond his own nose and often takes on a variety of different impressions like a sponge and this reflects again and again for itself. " This then results in actions and inclinations that can be described as both highly progressive and very conservative, "emphasizes his wife Claudia, who also works in the family business.

Franz Matauschek goes for a straight and fair way characterized by fairness and helpfulness that both his customers and employees appreciate. The constant discourse with the requirements as head of the company and the implementation of their own mission statements, require a high degree of self-discipline. The numerous "missions" and hobbies of the Kapfenberg entrepreneur ensure the necessary distraction from everyday company life.

What about the private man Franz Matauschek?

  • Franz was born in 1971 and immediately joined the family business after finishing high school at the HTL for mechanical engineering.
  • In addition to numerous training courses and managerial courses, the father of two sons also devoted himself to numerous not-so-common hobby's:

Franz Matauschek was seven times Styrian champion in the hammer throw! He trained in almost every weather and at the most impossible times (often after 10 pm!) at the Kapfenberg Stadium.

He was also an avid 10-fighter and was the first foreign player to win a Highland Games competition in Scotland.

The strength and endurance sports belong to his favorite disciplines, he proved last ten years as a hockey goalie of a Styrian national league club.

Connected to nature

Franz Matauschek feels especially at home in the free and above all untouched nature.

In this picture you can see him relaxed on a neolithic stone house, built about 3000 BC. On the Orkney Islands (WIKIpedia link over these islands).

But not only in sports, Franz Matauschek is at home beside his job & family, but also in numerous volunteer activities and especially in social areas:

He is the community representative of the ROTARY Club Bruck / Mur and auditor of the association LIGHTBLICK (Association for Voluntary Income Management).

He is also particularly interested in the "The Wooky People" platform, which among other things has set itself the task of supporting artists and implementing social ideas.

He does not see himself as a "good guy" for a long time, but rather as one who wants to pass on his knowledge and experience wherever it is needed and appreciated.

Good trained apprentices and employees are just as important to him as a constant exchange of information between the local economy and the schools. Here, Matauschek maintains constant contact with the local schools to inform local students about the economic hurdles and opportunities after school, in a relaxed and friendly manner.

By the way: He can switch off well when hiking with his wife and dog in the great outdoors, singing in the gospel choir, doing yoga and when he can drive out with his "duck".