Business philosophy of Alutechnik Matauschek

  • Alutechnik Matauschek GmbH is and remains a purely privately owned company that is 100% family-owned and has been for 4 generations.
  • The basis of corporate management is based on lived sustainability.
  • For us, this lived sustainability means that we interpret each of our strategic decisions for the future of all people involved (employees, customers, suppliers) and the environment.
  • We rely on alternative energy: Since 2011 we have the largest Styrian rooftop photovoltaic system on the grid.
  • With 1288 panels and 2060 m² cell area, we generate 270,000 KWH annually (plant capacity: 310kwp). This corresponds to the amount of electricity that Alutechnik Matauschek needs in one year to complete the product range. This in turn means that all aluminum glass elements planned and produced in our company are CO2-neutral.
  • Since our strategy is designed for sustainability, we are one of the few companies in Austria to have an in-house electricity charging station where all employees can refuel for free. A company-owned electric vehicle can be used for inner-city routes (doctors, authorities, etc.).
  • All our suppliers are Austrian quality companies and long-term partners of Alutechnik Matauschek. We try to keep the transport routes as short, effective and environmentally friendly as possible. That is why many of the suppliers come from our immediate region.
  • We are committed to the coming generations: for this reason, we focus on apprenticeship training. Between ten and twenty percent of our workforce are apprentices.
  • All our apprentices are prepared for life apart from work in addition to their professional training so that they can become responsible fellow human beings.
  • We live a high level of family atmosphere and support our employees in all the hurdles that life has to offer: from looking for a place to buying a car to looking for a doctor.
  • All employees receive a self-selected food package with healthy staple foods from the region 10 times a year, directly from the producer. There is an orchard on the premises where employees can get their own personal, healthy snack.
  • We love and live craft with tradition. We adapt all products individually to the customer's wishes. People work for people here. We regard humanity, tolerance, understanding, honesty and harmony as existential values, without which living together and working together are not possible.
  • The connection between our customers and our employees is the basis on which our know-how and our experience are brought.

I am happy, if we can count you to our customers soon!