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Master company from Austria

For more than 100 years, as a local family business, we have been setting new trends in the processing of aluminum and glass. In addition to awards and prizes, we have developed a pan-European expert status in the manufacture of your new individual conservatory and aluminum window products.

A new conservatory and modern aluminum windows.

Wintergarden, Glass facades (studio glazing, attic conversion), Glassaunas and other innovative products are waiting for you here. Take this opportunity and ask our experts a request! Of course for free!

Wintergarden & aluminum windows to implement customer requests: Our company, located in the Styrian Kapfenberg, specializes in implementing even the most difficult customer requirements. We strive to realize the best possible conditions for our customers (price & performance).

We always strive for long-term customer relationships and this trust is achieved through professionalism and seriousness. There must not and will not be unpleasant surprises for customers. We are and will remain a customer-oriented window manufacturer master enterprise in Austrian family tradition. All types of aluminum windows and glass facades are produced by us in perfect design and highest quality in Austria.

Winter garden dreams come true

Surf to our many products and be inspired in our virtual showroom. Thousands of satisfied Matauschek customers have already made many of their dreams come true through us. We offer a broad aluminum window product portfolio, from beautiful winter gardens to the multi-award winning aluminum windows or from impressive glass facades to the warming spa glass sauna. At the top of the wish list are lift-and-slide doors and the excellent roof windows for the perfect attic extensions. We bring you the stars from the sky in the attic with our special large aluminum windows!

That's why we want to build your conservatory!

Our customers value service, reliability, top quality and our well-balanced value for money as important cornerstones of our business relationships. As a family business "made in Austria" we have a company size that makes everything possible from small to large projects. Whether in the winter garden, in large-sized glass facades or in the attic extension. We are happy to use our many years of experience as window builders for the benefit of our customers.

We attach great importance to down-to-earthness and personal contact. Whether at the management level or on the construction sites. As Austrian window manufacturer we are all happy for our customers and answer your questions quickly and competently. Let us advise you for your next window project without obligation!

From the conservatory to the lift-and-slide doors: our products are guaranteed to be long-lasting and captivatingly beautiful.

Under this motto we build our projects and work exactly the ideas of our customers. Our team consists of many experts from various professional professions. From the architect to the designer, the glass masters to the most varied construction experts, all are there to create long-lasting and unique projects. For example, have your personal, unique winter garden planned! Or enjoy maximum warmth and views with large glass facades! All our products are beautiful in design and best in quality.

Always trendy with our beautiful and practical designs

In addition to the best possible qualitative innovations, we are always looking for new trends. Especially in the winter gardens or roof windows, the optical demands of customers change from year to year. Time is passing quickly in our industry and new trends need to be constantly monitored and included in the program. Sometimes it's the classic or not pejorative meaning - "old" optical factors - that convince customers. You need to offer many variations to the many different tastes to meet, for example, in winter gardens. Here you come directly to our aluminum window product page!

We build the perfect conservatory and individual window products for customers all over Europe

Most of our business or private customers come from Austria and Germany. In recent years, many customers from other European countries have come to it. Above all, our many different conservatory solutions are very popular with foreign customers.

If you are interested, then contact us!
Have we piqued your interest? Then get to know us and send us a request. Our team will process them immediately and then contact you. Who knows, maybe you'll take a big step closer to one of your conservatory or window living dreams!

Conservatory showroom shows many projects

In our web showroom, we show you beautiful photos of completed conservatory projects. These pictures present a small part of the wide conservatory assortment. Let our winter garden experts advise you and contact us!

Beautiful Matauschek projects to watch

It still goes on. In our web showroom we show you finished top projects. Take a little time and click to the showroom photos and videos.

TESLA Supercharger at Matauschek in Kapfenberg

Alutechnik Matauschek focuses on environmental protection
Our popular TESLA Supercharger

Environmental protection is important to us and in addition to many other environmental measures in our company, we have also decided to set up a beautiful TESLA Supercharger station.

Hundreds of Tesla-cars visit our TESLA Supercharger every months
A conservatory invites you to rest

While your car is charging, you can make yourself comfortable in a specially designed Matauschek conservatory. This will shorten your waiting time for coffee and newspapers!