Lifting sliding doors with all-round view
Detached house with lift-and-slide doors
Fair Bauen & Energie Wien
Sologlas Penthouse
Lifting sliding doors in loft conversion
Glass facade Sologlas New
Sologlas front with lift-and-slide doors
Sologlas automatic lift-sliding door, poolhouse
Glass front with lift-and-slide doors
Lifting sliding doors in the pool house
Meeting room in our office
Lifting sliding door made of glass
modern poolhouse
Glass front with lift-and-slide doors
open living-room
Glass facade, conservatory and lift-and-slide doors
Lifting sliding doors as a beautiful passage
Frameless lift-and-slide doors
Lifting sliding doors in Steirereck am Pogusch / birdhouses

Lift and slide doors - which can almost float!

Our aluminum lift-and-slide doors make the perfect transition from inside to outside. They are all very smooth, but on request we also use them as fully automatic variants. Thus you achieve the highest comfort in your own home or in the company. These special aluminum doors are finding their legitimate use more and more often because they are very practical, extremely energy-efficient and connect or separate rooms in a special way.

Here are a few examples of the possible uses of our harmonic lift-and-slide doors. Whether in the winter garden or as entrance / exit with glass facades, to name but a few examples, our lift-and-slide doors can be used everywhere.
What do you think of fully automatic variants? Would not that be a great addition to having such a fully automatic lift-and-slide door at home? This extremely comfortable door offers everything the modern household needs and is absolutely affordable!

More details and other information about the "floating" lift-and-slide doors are available by clicking on our Sologlas product page.

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