Glass sauna: Exclusive top wellness

Who would not like to have a nice and comfortable wellness area in their home? And exactly to such a much used wellness area belongs our glass sauna. In addition to the traditional saunas, exclusively styled glass saunas are becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to the many positive health effects, we want to provide our customers with a perfect sauna experience in their own four walls.
The individual wishes and ideas of the clients are carefully implemented by our experts. Thanks to the decades of experience of our designers and fitters, a glass sauna built by us turns every time into an exclusive wellness event.

Full transparency in absolute comfort

We got to the bottom of the growing popularity. Of course, special feel-good effect arises here in an exclusive location, where, for example, you can enjoy a beautiful view. On the other hand, our sauna fans value the freedom that such a sauna concept conveys. Even with a limited sauna size, you still feel like in a big room or just like in the open air. This effect is probably one of the main reasons for the decision to buy a glass sauna.

Showroom: As with all our products, of course we also have some realized project examples in our showroom and invite you to surf there with one click. With just a few clicks you can get an overview of how well a Matauschek sauna would make itself at home with these numerous examples.

Request information: If you would like to request information, you can simply call our contact form with one click, fill out and send. We will contact you immediately and our experts are at your disposal for any information!