Aluminum doors are beautiful and safe

Aluminum doors with high safety standards

Aluminum doors and portals are like the faces of a wall that will welcome you and your guests. At the same time, they must also provide protection and security.

Whether turn-tilt, sliding-tilt or lift-and-slide doors: Our aluminum doors comply with high safety standards and meet all technical and design requirements. As professionals in production technology, we can offer all types of custom-made products and special designs. And because we use aluminum profiles, we can also integrate the aluminum front doors into spacious portals.

This distinguishes our aluminum doors:

  • Made of maintenance-free aluminum
  • Thermal separation to avoid condensation
  • Powder coating for consistent appearance
  • Individual design variants by way of splitting and loosening with brass and ceramic parts
    high-quality, adjustable in three directions door hinges
  • Equipment including lock, cylinder and handle set

Aluminum - patio doors: connection between home and garden

Aluminum patio doors should also provide protection and security, while allowing open views into the green living space - the garden. We advise you which patio door best fits your home and your living habits, and offer opening options in different versions.

From Tilt & Turn to Lift & Slide doors: opening options in various designs.

  • Tilt and turn doors
  • Sliding-tilt doors: The parallel, thermally-separated sliding door can be tilted and has space-saving support in one rail at the top and bottom.
  • Lifting sliding doors are designed without a threshold.

If you are interested in our aluminum doors, feel free to use our contact form. Our staff will contact you immediately and will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.