Each canopy is an individual product

Our practical and elegant aluminum canopies are a special Matauschek product and add a special touch to any entrance area or any other location. Canopies provide protection against all weathers and are planned and implemented by us in a particularly inviting way. As with all other of our products, our canopies are characterized by a special longevity and highest quality. Finally, canopies have to endure depending on the place of use and purpose, in some cases especially.

Anyway, elegant and practical canopies are always an eye-catcher. After all, these canopy variants usually affect the first impression of a building and this should of course be a good one.


Our know-how and our decades of experience form the basis for each of our products. The Matauschek experts plan and manufacture your canopy the way you want it. We attach great importance to the fact that the canopy fits perfectly to the rest of the house. We advise you the best possible design! Do not hesitate to ask us. You will be surprised what different possibilities there are to plan the suitable canopy for almost every purpose and location.


A canopy, that does not come from the pole, should be exactly fitting to the place of use. Of course, our planners take into account all relevant details such as door shape and door color, wall and house style. We create carefully planned canopies for almost every house style. Harmony in design and fit are a must on our canopies!

Various custom-fit canopies constructions

Different canopy constructions are no problem for us. On the contrary: your personal taste is important to us and the architectural situation is a welcome challenge for our professionals. In addition to the chosen design, the choice of colors and glazing is of great importance. These two factors are essential for the overall picture of your new canopy and therefore we advise you here in detail.

Canopies design options:


This canopy style is characterized by a very often used construction. Here angle braces are attached to the wall like a shelving system and the glass pane is fastened to it. This type of canopy is often chosen because it is also one of the more cost effective solutions depending on size.


Even with the canopies, this glass shape is becoming increasingly popular. For this purpose, a frameless glass element with special brackets is attached as a canopy. You can see through the glass without any obstacles. This creates, depending on the type of glass a maximum translucent canopy variant, which manages without noticeable support elements.


Here, the glass elements are mounted with specially made aluminum profile beams. Especially with very large canopies, this species is often chosen. Very large canopy variants are becoming increasingly popular as they are also very practical and versatile.

Glazing options:

  • frosted glasses
  • sandblasted glasses
  • colored glasses
  • Sunlenses
  • self-cleaning glasses

Our canopies offer protection against all weathers

Whether transparent, matt or opaque: All our canopies offer optimum protection against all weather conditions. You and your guests are protected from wind and weather in any case. As additional wind and rain protection you can also mount side walls made of glass.

The large aluminum canopy reveals elegance and is a practical eye-catcher

Also very popular are large aluminum canopies, which also offer enough space in front of the entrance, for example, to park a car and bicycles. This creates a weatherproof entrance area which is very practical and can be used in many ways in addition to its optical conspicuity.

Roofs are easy to maintain and therefore they stay beautiful for a long time. In addition, our quality is designed for longevity and so you can enjoy his personally styled canopy carefree for many years.

You can also contact us via our contact form. We are happy if we can advise you and contact you immediately!