Attic expansion for great freedom

We put our innovations in the conversion of attics new trends, top begins to freedom.

In the search for trendy and practical living spaces attic floors and thus the attic extension get a greater importance. Not only we roof window manufacturers are feeling this trend, but the demand in the roof real estate sector is also growing. We build the most difficult projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers and quality meets sophisticated design. Let yourself be inspired by our projects!

Picture shows a variant of the attic expansion

Therefore, it has long been a concern for us to offer our own range for the attic extension with our window products. With the Matauschek roof windows we have been able to meet all the requirements and wishes of the clients. Implementing the loft conversion on lofty heights is great fun on the one hand, but on the other hand it is a challenge that we like to face every time.

Loft conversion with huge aluminum windows

Loft conversion: tailor-made window products in use

We have developed several loft conversion products which are used and provide great building results. Again, you can implement most of the customer's wishes into action and build custom-made wishful thinking. Our consultants have specialized in making special requests feasible even with elaborate special designs.

For some time, large cities have relied heavily on the expansion of penthouses. In these cities as well as in many others, we have been able to register a high construction volume under the roofs in recent months. Of course, much to the delight of our loft experts, they can look forward to nice new tasks.

Studio glazings for light and transparency in the attic apartment

If you are close to the residential sky, then you want to have a lot of it. That is why our skylights, which are also fully automatic and in many sizes, enjoy great popularity. First and foremost, they are tailored to the needs of the client and local conditions.

Roof extension with great results

The attic conversion has many faces

They all have one thing in common: beauty and functionality!

These two important factors determine most planning phases. The many years of experience of our experts is extremely important, so that many mistakes and unpleasant surprises, for example, in the elaborate studio glazing, avoid. It happens that we take over active projects from other companies, because sometimes there are logistical and planning-related limits. Such challenges are fun for us and we look forward to every assignment that we can successfully bring to an end.

Our own brand "The WING" is a huge large window for the loft extension

One of our brand highlights is the fully automatic aluminum roof window - "The Wing". This aluminum window opens up completely new dimensions of life with overwhelming prospects in your   top floor apartment. Take a vivid journey into feel-good attic stories with our "The Wing" product videos and pictures, which, in a similar way, may soon become a special trademark of your attic apartment?

Giant aluminum window "Slide system" for the loft conversion

With this system, new dimensions of roof windows open up. The horizon appears even closer and a view that is almost free from framing elements becomes reality.

SLIDE sliding window for the attic extension
This window system tops everything conventional and brings our customers into raptures.

So that you can get a more accurate picture of it, we offer you the opportunity to watch a interesting video in our virtual showroom. For more information, feel free to surf to our special Slide System product page.

You can also contact us via our inquiry form. We are happy if we can advise you!