Aluminum windows from Austria

All windows of Matauschek are economical, durable, Austrian and offer many advantages.

Aluminum windows from Austria

Our aluminum windows are true savers

Aluminum windows are economical because they save energy costs - for the entire service life. The thermal insulation is still as high as it was the first day even after many years, which is a significant advantage over other window types. We manufacture them according to strict environmental and quality standards.

Aluminum windows of highest quality from Austria

Alutechnik Matauschek is an Austrian window manufacturer who manufactures its versatile aluminum window products to the highest quality standards. We are known for being very fair value for money and, as you can read on our customer news page, our customers are also extremely satisfied.

Our aluminum windows have the highest quality standards

Aluminum windows ensure the best possible material resistance. Our aluminum windows are highly quality-resistant: Complex maintenance costs, such as new paintwork, are completely eliminated. We also guarantee maximum safety, since the dimensional stability is highest. Of course, our customers get very good warranty options, so that you are always on the safe side when it comes to quality security! You can rely 100% on the longevity of our aluminum windows!

Matauschek aluminum windows always have the best quality.

Ing. Franz Matauschek, CEO

Quality aluminum windows from Styria

We exclusively use Austrian quality products for the production of our aluminum windows and work closely with the development departments of our suppliers in order to be able to offer you windows for the highest demands. Multiple tests have put the durability of our windows to the test and each time our flawless performance has been confirmed by independent institutes. We take care to have our various aluminum windows tested by independent institutes at regular intervals. The fact that we perform so well each time is a sign of the great care with which we manufacture them.

We are pioneers in the development of aluminum window systems and thus regularly surprise the supplier market. Our self-developed figurehead, the bionium window, is suitable for passive houses and provides the best energy values.

Therefore, in 2011 it was awarded the innovation prize of the SFG (Styrian Business Promotion Agency). With our skylight "The Wing", an up to 7m ² large aluminum window for the attic conversion, we have created a gateway to heaven - a world premiere, made in our main Styrian plant, in Kapfenberg With these aluminum windows for the attic extension we are in the trend of big cities like Vienna, where numerous satisfied customers confirm our exact project work, where even the most difficult projects, also because of our many years of experience as a window manufacturer, always fit perfectly.

Aluminum windows are the most beautiful window products you can buy.

In our showroom we have exhibited numerous already completed aluminum window projects. Here you will find hundreds of photos and illustrations of already completed Matauschek projects, where you can be comfortably inspired. These pictures were created and processed by master craftsmen. We hope you enjoy watching!

Aluminum Window Showroom Page: With just one click you can look at beautiful window photos! The different projects that you see on these pages reflect only a small part of our already realized and well valued orders. Our experience and the great know-how are an integral part of all our work. You as a customer can assume that we can implement even the most complicated requirements to your satisfaction!

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