Roof windows

Our rooftop windows of the brand "The Wing" are award-winning and perfect for the attic floor.

The roof window of our own brand "The Wing" is also oversized on request and can be opened and closed almost silently with an electronic control. A spindle motor forms a force triangle with a gas spring, whereby this very large aluminum window is offset in the horizontal - even three-pane glazing with a weight of up to 600 kg are quite possible.

It lies flush in the roof level in the closed state. In terms of listed buildings, this is of crucial importance, because anyone who has ever wanted to change a protected object structurally knows how serious the legal provisions are here.

When it comes to finding solutions, our roof window experts are optimally on the way. Above all, our decades of experience help us to plan roof windows, because there are hardly any solutions that we have not already tried and then successfully implemented. Of course, this experience saves our customers tremendous time and money, because naturally, there are always too few of these factors.

Roof windows and how they work

This, on request also very large roof windows with up to 7 m², is also suitable for a flush-mounted studio glazing with a slope between 35 and 50 degrees. It can be supplied with a double or triple glazing and enamelled glass steps.

It is driven by two electric screw-jack motors with 24 V and a lifting force of 2600 N and by two gas springs. The drive consoles are secured with an aluminum substructure for on-site replacement. In addition, this window offers a wind-rain sensor, a thermostat, as well as a photoelectric sensor and much more.

The inspiration for our roof windows, like much of Matauschek, comes from nature.

The large skylight wing is designed without a glass partition and resembles a gateway to the sky. Like our award-winning aluminum "Bionium" window, this rooftop window - "The Wing" was modeled on nature.

For our designers, the condor was the main inspiration source: In terms of statics, the wings of this bird with a wingspan of up to 3 m, a masterpiece dar.
After winning the Fast Forwards in 2010 for our passive house window system BIONIUM, we again received a nomination for Fast Forward in 2012 for the development of this window.

Roof windows by Matauschek are not only popular with "star gazers"!

No question, our roof windows open up new views and are therefore always in astrological circles like an issue. Who does not want to enjoy the best views and be very close to the starry sky. No matter what the weather, our aluminum windows are the world of cosiness and you can enjoy the pure life.

Big windows for the loft conversion like this one!

Beautifully designed and they make you happy!

If you feel particularly comfortable in your own home, that makes you especially happy. Living under roofs is already a special privilege of many of our customers, and with the right aluminum windows, this feel-good factor is demonstrably enhanced. That's why our roof windows make us happy and our customers feel comfortable when they enjoy this new feeling of living.

Send us an inquiry and let our roof window experts inform you!