Glass Facades

Our facades made of glass are characterized by cuddly warmth and transparency

The glass façade construction is becoming increasingly popular and is a "specialty of the house". Alutechnik Matauschek is the Styrian window specialist and produces glass facades, which impress with their unique appearance and their special effect in the landscape as well as in all rooms. Generously designed windows blend in with a landscape without disturbing the surrounding image. This in turn makes a glass façade a universally applicable large-scale window landscape with numerous possible uses.

Large glass facades can be admired here

Beautiful glass facades

There are many economic reasons for our glass facades. Due to the progressive development of the energy efficiency of large glass surfaces, these are also available in passive house quality. Our own research department has made big leaps forward and found better insulation and heat solutions. In the meantime, we are able to produce and fasten almost any glass surface size with the best economic values.
Whether in the private or commercial sector: windows in large dimensions are becoming increasingly popular and pass the toughest energy values test.

Here we also have a very large glass facade
Glass facades are modern, transparent and mirror images of the landscape, because the glass reflects the environment - the facade merges with nature or with the historical building stock. In general, large-scale glass facades are becoming increasingly popular.

Glass facades are the perfect exterior wall

Nowadays one can glaze a whole building wall by special design possibilities without having to worry about the stability of the building. Resourceful architects and home builders are happy to use this fact to equip their buildings with as much glass as possible. These stylish glass constructions are nowadays an indispensable part of the building landscape. Facades in all variations are easy in and will always stay because of their diversity and stability.

Due to numerous advantages, which are not only in the optical design, the glass structures in the construction industry continue to advance. The better quality and much better thermal insulation, makes lush glass façade variants also economically affordable. The modern glass construction has grown into a very important branch of business in our company. Also due to the fact that the demand for a special architecture with a large facade, for example made of glass, is getting bigger and bigger.

Picture shows a nice glass facade

The economy discovers the glass facades

Also in the economy (for example, in office complexes and large-scale showrooms) or in the catering / hotel industry, large-scale glass facades are almost a good sound of a meaningful architecture. For example, to enjoy a beautiful view, the viewer has almost wellness properties, at least when it comes to the wellness of the soul.

More and more sales buildings rely on large glass facades

Let your mind wander: There are several feel-good factors that speak for our glass facades on / in an object. The view, the warmth, the feeling of being part of the landscape or the cosiness of seeming infinity, just to name a few examples. Everyone has to discover this for themselves and draw their feel-good factors from it. At any rate, our customers are enthusiastic and do not want to do without these large window constructions. Therefore, it is always a special pleasure for us, even after many years, to be enthusiastic about our window products.

Glass facades donate a lot of light and heat

In the living space, too, they ensure transparency, light and openness. Because we offer a variety of aluminum glass variants and build in the mullion and transom system, the design is absolutely flexible in terms of color and size. This flexibility makes our window facades appear in every imaginable variety and possible. Our experts will present to you from the beginning exact details and implementation variants.

Our façades made of high-quality glass are manufactured exclusively in the post-bolt system and assembled by qualified specialists according to detailed structural planning.

Glass facades are also popular in private homes

Glass facade projects are also wonderful to look at

To get a first impression of our diverse work in glass façade construction, take a look at the glass façade showroom. There you will find different creations of our large windows, such as the glazed aluminum façades in all-glass look with triple glazing. These high-quality glass buildings were created partly in successful cooperation with architects.

Guest rooms behind large glass facades are popular

We also have our SOLOGLAS lift-and-slide doors. This is an aluminum lift-and-slide door system, which consists of several insulating glass elements, which ensure better thermal insulation. Today, insulating glass has almost the same insulating properties as a brick wall and is of very good quality.

If you have any questions about our products, feel free to use our inquiry form or simply give us a call.