Alutechnik Matauschek: Aluminium Manufacturer


Specialist for sunspaces, aluminium windows and glass facades

At our company headquarters in Kapfenberg, Austria, we develop and produce windows, sunspaces,
portals and facades made of aluminium in combination with glass and other materials.
Specialized in serving the residential market, we guarantee individual planning and – wherever
technically feasible – the fulfilment of all special requests and needs.

100% aluminium. In order to fulfil our customers’ demands, but also to realize our own innovative
ideas, we use aluminium profiles only. Our profiles are developed in-house and continually optimized
to reflect actual use and past experience

We are a full-range supplier for planning, production, installation as well as complete servicing – and
thus we are the exclusive point of contact for our customers. As a one-stop shop we can guarantee
our customers a seamless workflow and absolute security, whether window, sunspace or glass

Master workmanship and quality. We guarantee the highest levels of flexibility, reliability and
quality assurance. Thanks to our decades-long experience as a producer of windows, facades and
sunspaces, our highly-skilled and professional employees, and our modern machinery, Alutechnik
Matauschek is able to push the technical boundaries of our era and produce innovations on a daily

A company with a rich history. When Franz Matauschek first started out as a blacksmith in
Kapfenberg in 1913, he certainly couldn’t have imagined that his wish to form objects of metal would
be pursued as a family tradition for over 100 years. Despite the turmoil and deprivation of the war
and post-war years, he and his son, Franz Matauschek Jr., were able to continually expand the
business and promote their excellent craftsmanship.

The first windows. Franz Matauschek III began building windows and portals starting in 1965 and
first offered sunspaces in 1980, symbolizing the transformation from blacksmith to specialist in
aluminium and light metals. In 1990, when Franz Matauschek IV – today’s owner – started working in
the family business, windows and sunspaces made by Alutechnik Matauschek, as the company was
officially called, were already in high demand, even beyond the borders of Styria/Austria.

Patents and principles. Nowadays Alutechnik Matauschek is known across Europe for our innovative
aluminium/glass solutions. And today as always, we continue to invent, plan and patent our
innovations: our SOLOGLAS lifting sliding door; self-cleaning roof windows; glass roofs which can be
opened despite an own weight of 2000 kg; and our BIONIUM aluminium window for passive homes,
recipient of the SFG Innovation Prize sponsored by the Styrian Economic Development Association.
Each of these innovations is testimony to our creativity and to master craftsmanship as our highest
principle. Our work has also been honoured through the bestowing of the coat of arms of both the
province of Styria and the city of Kapfenberg.

Truly living our values. At our company, and in our dealings with our customers, we uphold our
values of trust, honesty and friendship. These core values were established over 100 years ago by our
forefathers; we are certain that our ancestors would be proud to see that we still uphold them today.

What drives us forward? Love of our product. Respect for people, the environment and our
homeland. These are the things that motivate us, and the essence from which we derive the strength
for the development of innovative new ideas. Sustainability – both in company management and in
our products – is a must, ensuring that even 100 years from now, our next generations will continue
to be the first off the mark.

Please pay us a visit! A tour of our company is the ideal opportunity to see our principles at work and
to learn more about our sunspaces, aluminium windows, and glass facades.

Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment:

Tel. 43 (0) 3862 22223 or by email at alu@matauschek.com .

Our Philosophy

What makes us different from the others?

Alutechnik Matauschek’s company philosophy.

Our 12 guiding principles:

1. Alutechnik Matauschek GmbH is a 100% privately-owned family company, and has been for four

2. Our company management philosophy is based on truly lived sustainability.

3. In our view, truly lived sustainability means that every strategic company decision must take into
account the future of all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers), and the environment.

4. We are literally building on alternative energy. Since 2011, we are proud to call the largest rooftop
photovoltaic installation in Styria our own. With 1,288 panels and 2,060 m² cell surface area, we
produce 270,000 kWh annually, with an overall facility output of 310 kWp (kilowatt peak). This
corresponds to the amount of energy Alutechnik Matauschek requires in one year for the production
of our entire product range. And this in turn means that all aluminium and glass elements we
produce are CO2 neutral.

5. Because our strategy is geared towards sustainability, we are one of the few companies in Austria
to have an own on-site charging station at which all of our employees can charge their vehicles for
free. A company electric scooter can also be used by personnel for local errands such as visits to the
doctor or authorities.

6. All of our suppliers offer products and services of superior quality, made in Austria, and for the
most part have been our partners for many years. We make every attempt to make transportation
as short and environmentally friendly as possible, which is why many of our suppliers are
located very near to us.

7. Because we have a responsibility for the welfare of future generations, we place great emphasis
on apprenticeships. At least 10%-20% of our workforce are apprentices.

8. All of our apprentices receive technical training, but also receive instruction above and beyond
in order to become responsible citizens.

9. As a family-owned company, we promote a friendly and down-to-earth working environment. We
support our employees when facing many of life’s challenges: from finding a new flat to purchasing a
new car, or even finding the best doctor.

10. Ten times each year, all of our employees receive a special food basket consisting of regional
staples produced locally. There is a fruit orchard on our grounds where employees may pick their
own healthy snacks.

11. We live and love craftsmanship and tradition. All our products are tailored to specific customer
needs. It’s the people who matter at Alutechnik Matauschek. Our fundamental values are humanity,
tolerance, understanding, honesty and harmony. Without these, living and working together are not

12. The relationship between our employee and the customer is in fact the product which unites our
collective company know-how and experience.
We look forward to welcoming you as a customer soon.


Franz Matauschek