Alutechnik Matauschek aluminium windows

Economical, durable, Austrian

Our aluminium windows are economical because they help save energy costs across their entire service life. Even after many years, their thermal insulation values remain just as high as they were at the very start.

Durability. Aluminium windows are enormously consistent in quality: expensive maintenance
measures like new paint finishes become completely unnecessary. An aluminium window also
guarantees the highest possible security for you and your family thanks to its pronounced
dimensional stability.

Austrian quality. In the manufacture of our aluminium windows we use only Austrian products of top
quality. We work closely with the product development departments of our suppliers in order to
offer our own customers the highest possible quality.

Prize-winning and revolutionary. We are pioneers in the development of window systems and
regularly revolutionize the market: for example BIONIUM, our aluminium window suitable for
passive houses. Offering the best energy values, this invention received the 2011 SFG Innovation
Prize awarded by the Styrian Economic Development Association. Another world premiere is THE
, an oversized (up to 7 m²) hinged roof window that literally opens the gates to the heavens.

Fire-aluminum windows of Matauschek:


Lavamat EI30 fire protection system... our innovative fire protection window from the house Matauschek. We offer our safety-conscious customers lived legally in a top quality at absolutely fair prices. Even if this is to premium products, such as our aluminum fire window Lavamat, concerns.
Thermally insulated fire-protection systems for windows fix or rotating elements (without automatic closing)
Heat transfer profile Uf = 1,9 W / m²K
Used as a punched window or insert element in post and beam
Thermally insulated fire post transom facades System
Heat transfer profile Uf = 1,5 W / m²K
Fire resistance class: 30 minutes

Our energy-saving windows: Bionium

Our Bionium-aluminum window is also suitable for passive houses, thus achieving best energy values. This Matauschek energy-saving window was awarded the Innovation Prize of the SFG and is produced in Kapfenberg.

Revolutionary window system

For years we have been working on the development of our aluminum window for passive houses (with a UW-value <0,8), many experiments were carried out but no one brought the desired success. We always wanted to create the perfect energy-saving windows made of aluminum. Only a chance conversation of the company owner Franz Matauschek with a beekeeper and his personal interest for polar bears, were the perfect solution:

Why invent something new, what works already perfect in nature?
The coat hairs of the polar bears are filled hollow and with air - a perfect insulation, allowing the polar bear's survival at the lowest temperatures. In contrast stands the sturdy construction of the honeycomb. We have this natural phenomena, the cavities of the hair coat of the polar bear and the construction of structural honeycomb teamed and thus develop a perfect insulating region for our aluminum windows.

Best energy values ​​for passive house by our energy-saving window

Our Bionium aluminum window is particularly dimensionally stable and Passive house quality: It provides top energy values ​​and is still to have the same price as a commercial aluminum windows. Example: The Bionium window allows a frame U-value Uf of 0.9 W / m²K. With a triple glazing with, for example a U-value of 0.5 W / m²K total window provides a U-value of UW = 0.7 W / m²K.

Our excellent energy-saving windows. Our Bionium energy-saving window Award (Styrian Business Promotion Agency) 2010 with the Innovation Award of the SFG and is a real Austrian product innovation on which we are proud. All used components to the glazing, as submitted by the Austrian partner companies.

The perfect interplay between nature and technology is also reflected in the name of our aluminum window: "Bionium" consists of the words "bionics" (= transfer of phenomena of nature to technology) and "aluminum" together.