The Wing

Gate to the heavens – and a world premiere

THE WING is an oversized roof window that – much like a pair of large wings – opens the gates to the
heavens. With up to 7 m² window area, our invention introduces lightness, light and a panoramic
view to every living space. It is just as suitable for low-energy houses as for listed buildings.

Technical specifications
  • A single oversized (3m x 2m) window for flush atelier glazing
  • Installation slope: 35 to 50 degrees
  • Size: up to maximum of 7 m2 (width 3200 mm, height 2500 mm)
  • Stick system with thermal breaks (Uf = 1.5 W/(m2K))
  • Double or triple glazing with enamelled glass layers
  • Dual electric lifting motors 24 V (lifting force: 2600 N) and dual gas-pressurized springs
  • Operated with two Type 1 power supply units, wind and rain sensor, thermostat
  • Monitored by light barriers (no controls)
  • Shading by way of interior awnings mounted within clear width of opening (no controls)
  • Sash construction without panes
  • Glazing: 8 mm tempered glass / (6 mm tempered glass) / 12 mm laminated glass/heat-strengthened glass with 1.52 PVB
  • Consoles mounted on aluminium frame for replacement by console supplier