Our winter garden for better quality of life

If you are looking for better quality of life for your home, then you should treat yourself to a winter garden of the house Matauschek.

As a competent local conservatory manufacturer, we use only the best aluminum technology and therefore guarantee a perfect transition between the interior and exterior space. Thus you can feel in your Matauschek conservatory always beautiful nature, whether it is cold or warm. A great feeling, in freezing temperatures, to enjoy an extra living room in the warm conservatory!

Top materials for top properties. We meet their high demands and expectations, we use for our conservatories only slim, thermally broken aluminum profiles. Thus your future conservatory receives livable properties:
  •     precise lines
  •     high transparency, thanks to the narrow design and low sightline
  •     individual design possibilities - we fulfill your wishes
  •     We adapt the conservatory to your style on
  •     unlimited variations in the coloration
  •     wide range of glazing options

Come true desire your conservatory: Our conservatory is available in three different versions, which are also combined with each other:

Here we present our
various conservatory styles before:

Conservatory SOLO GLASS LINE

Modern conservatory - architecture of the future!

Conservatory style in modern design. Also very popular is this particular winter garden line. It is characterized mainly by contemporary and futuristic architecture. This type of conservatories are also happy adapted by companies as meeting rooms or used in catering.

Your guests will love this conservatory. Nowadays the garden in the successful gastronomy has become indispensable. We help you with our special winter garden, to put this garden atmosphere regardless of the season or the weather in your company.

Our customer care conservatory manufacturer we have often developed special conservatories. On the one hand, these all requirements such as functionality and meet the other part of the feel-good effect must be particularly satisfactory.

Inquiry. Here you can contact us and send your request to us.

Conservatory CLASSIC LINE

Winter garden in retro style brings history into your home

Good preserved glasshouses in historic gardens, illustrate the beautiful and cozy atmosphere of bygone days, you can also bring home. This style has become very popular yet and is implemented real with our conservatory Classic-Line.

As conservatory experts we combine historical craftsmanship - modeled on the British construction of the 18th century - with the latest aluminum technology and best functionality.

Retro conservatory craftsmanship. Playful skylights and special decorative profiles characterize as our Classic-Line as the elegant structure of the glass surfaces. The perfectly matching color profile we can complement almost any style with this conservatory line.

We have implemented numerous conservatories in this style and our customers have felt in this time set back, at least in its conservatory.
The fact that we plan and implement almost all customer wishes, each of our conservatories is your personal unique piece!

Numerous conservatory diagrams. To give you an idea of ​​the design and style of our conservatories, please look at our virtual showroom to!


The winter-garden for every taste

This Sunspace system adapts to any home. The great flexibility of this Exclusive-Line we can offer custom conservatory.

Our engineers and designers have developed this special conservatory system to implement the many different customer requirements. The adaptation to different house types and styles has thus become viable.

Fulfil Dreams. Why not just make dreams come true? Your imagination knows no limits. Our experienced team will work with you, like to plan and implement your ideas.

Customer focus. Especially with such a flexible sungarden construction, it is not enough to listen to only the customer requests, you must be able to implement them carefully. It may no nasty surprises - neither the price nor from the result - give! Our experience and professionalism as domestic conservatory manufacturer, grant you top quality and top guarantees!

Even with the Exclusive-Line at any conservatory is a unique piece, a highlight in your home. In our showroom you can see some sample photos we have already built.

How we produce our winter-garden "Made in Austria"!

  •     Customers contact us via the Internet, at fairs, exhibitions or by phone etc.
  •     A top expert our technical sales representatives agreed a non-binding on-site appointment. It first details will be discussed and worked out common solutions.
  •     It is followed by a free offer with all order details.
  •     After the orders another onsite meeting takes place with a technician, when the natural measurements are taken.
  •     Now the plans are drawn and sent to the customer. Changes are still possible at this time!
  •     The customer gives his ok and we will start with the production of the new conservatory.
  •     Depending on the agreement delivery is 10 to 12 weeks later.
  •     A professional installation team builds on the new conservatory.
  •     We guarantee an immediate service on site, should it be damaged or warranty defects, through our own service team!

Each Matauschek product is "real Austrian"! It all comes from a single source and that we strengthen the Austrian business location!