For a feeling of freedom in your own home:
Our SOLOGLAS lifting sliding door

Many of us wish to be one with nature – even in our own homes. Our SOLOGLAS sliding door system
can help this wish come true.

Excellent insulation and striking appearance. Technology has made huge advances in recent years. It
is now possible to manufacture large windows with ever-improving thermal insulation values.
Today’s insulating glass boasts comparable insulation values as brick masonry. Given a suitable frame
from floor to ceiling, entire house walls – from side wall to side wall – may be built entirely of glass.

Technical details. SOLOGLAS is a sliding door system consisting of several insulating glass elements.
The edge areas of the insulating glass – which may exhibit a thickness of up to 60 mm – is where all
functional and sealing/weatherproofing parts are incorporated. Thermal transmittance values of our
SOLOGLAS sliding elements are adjusted according to the type of glass utilized.

Certified by experts. SOLOGLAS made by Alutechnik Matauschek has been successfully tested for
tightness to air and windblown rain by experts at the Graz University of Technology.