Front doors and portals:
personalize your entrance area

Front doors and portals form the visible face of your home and are important elements in welcoming
you and your guests. At the same time, they must provide protection and security.

High security standards. Our front doors not only fulfil demanding security standards; they also offer
top design and sophisticated technical features, too. We are experienced professionals in production
engineering and can thus offer all types of customized products and installations. And because we
use only aluminium profiles, we are able to integrate front doors into even the most expansive portals.

Our front doors feature the following attributes:
  • Made of maintenance-free aluminium
  • Thermal breaks for the avoidance of condensation
  • Powder coating to maintain a consistent, even appearance
  • Individual and customized designs thanks to muntin placement options and decorative bronze and ceramic elements
  • Top-quality door hinges, adjustable in three directions
  • Package includes lock, cylinder and door handles

Patio doors:
a fluid transition from interior to exterior

Patio doors must offer excellent protection and security, but at the same time allow generous views
to the greenest part of your living space: the garden. Allow us to advise you on which kinds of patio
doors would be most suitable for your house and living habits. We offer a variety of opening mechanisms in diverse executions, including:

  • Side/bottom hung doors

  • Sliding bottom hung doors – these parallel sliding doors with thermal breaks can be opened from both above and below, and run along a space-saving track

  • Lifting sliding doors are installed without doorsills